Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hi everyone! yesterday my bff came over for a sleepover! Today we went to tony's,our neighbourhood candy store. On our way back we stopped at a yard sale! There was this brass looking vanity that came with a vanity stool chair thing and it was only $5! I fell in love with it,so i went home and asked mom and dad if i could buy it. They said yes!!!!! So now that vanity is in my room looking all awesome!
                      Any way, school's going really well. My teacher this year is Mr.Marolt. He's awesome!!!! He's very nice and funny. Mr.Marolt let's us bring in our electronics to take notes and surf the web.  I got the white iPod touch for my birthday, so that's what I'm using. Another cool thing is this year, our school is starting a Glee club!!!! I joined,of course.
          That's really all that's new this week.I'll post a pic of the vanity soon!
                                                                  Colourfully yours:Molly V.


  1. Flower Power - BABY! Loved the pics. Grandma says you take pics like I do.

    1. thanks grandpa! I'll take that as a sign that I am a very good photographer! -Molly


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